Vintage and Flirty Pin Up

Pin Up Photography

Capture the irresistible essence of retro glamour as you dive into the enchanting world of pin-up photography! Strike playful poses, unleash your inner diva, and let the camera lens transport you to an era where bold fashion, sassy attitudes, and vintage allure reign supreme. Get ready for a fabulous photoshoot that promises laughter, flirtatious fun, and timeless beauty, as you become the stars of your very own pin-up fantasy.


What is the difference between Pin-up and Boudoir Photography?

Pinup shoots and boudoir shoots are two different types of photography that focus on different aspects of a person’s personality and sensuality. Pinup shoots are designed to showcase a person’s personality and unique energy, while boudoir shoots are more intimate and sensual. Both types of photography can create incredible pieces of art that can adorn your home. Pinup shoots are great for creating images that are designed to be shared and embraced, while boudoir shoots are perfect for a more intimate display of your features and setting the mood.

What are some of the outfits I should bring to a pinup shoot?

So many fun outfits out there! But here are a few of my favorites.

  • Vintage-inspired dresses and skirts 
  • High-waisted shorts or pants
  • Crop tops and halter tops
  • Corsets and bustiers
  • Petticoats and stockings
  • Retro swimwear
  • Pinup-inspired lingerie
Can I do a combination boudoir and pinup session?


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